Our Story and philosophy


Classic Pizza Restaurant is relying on the traditions, but at the same time always looking to renew their offering to customers. We are not just a pizza place, but we are committed to creating a complete experience to our customers: a comfortable environment, friendly service, stylish menu and delicious food and drink experience. Our promise has always been to be the better pizza restaurant, a solace for our customers to come back over and over again to enjoy gorgeous food and take a breather from their busy lives.


We started off as a small restaurant in happy and relaxed, but busy guest harbor in 1996 in Hanko, Finland. Now, 25 years and countless pizzas later we are going strong, and our ideas are working even better than in the beginning. We want to give our customers the best possible pizza in the Nordic countries.


We have our hearts set in making each of our new restaurants as great as the first one. For locations we choose places where we can genuinely be present and do what we do best: create high quality pizzas which are part of both everyday life and special celebrations. We always make a special effort in getting to know our customers in our restaurants. We feel that our success is founded in joy of preparing and serving good food to our customers who become our long-term friends.


Classic Pizza Restaurants are soon appearing in more cities and countries, so that even more people get to enjoy our delicious better pizzas. We believe that once you have tasted perfection, it is very difficult to go back to mediocrity.


Classic Pizza Restaurants’ pizzas have been awarded several prizes and recommendations during the years, including Gloria-magazine’s Ruoka&Viini-award for the best pizza in Finland. We are staying true to our original idea and customer promise, and keeping our chefs’ fingers nimble to create the best possible pizza dough. You are warmly welcome to all our Classic Pizza Restaurants. We’ll be there to look after you, to serve you delicious pizza and have a nice chat with you.


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